NOTICE BY PUBLICATION OF AN APPLICATION FOR A PERMIT NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR Operations Name: CBM K30A W/PL Application Number: 23022 Take Notice that, pursuant to Code of Virginia, Section 45.1-361.30.E. the undersigned operator proposes to file, or has filed, an application for gas and oil operations known as CBM K30A W/PL with the Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy, Division of Gas and Oil under Code of Virginia, Section 45.1-361.29, with respect to an operation on the CONSOL Buchanan Mining Company LLC etal tract of 187.57 acres, more or less, coy Keene etal tract of 7.52 acres, more or less, Jeffery Vanmeter tract of 71 acres, more or less, tract(s) in the Garden District, BUCHANAN City /County, Virginia The application is on file with the Division of Gas and Oil identifying the proposed location and all work to be performed at the described site. Any inquiries should be directed to the Division of Gas and Oil at 276 415-9700. Code of Virginia Section 45.1-361.30 identifies persons with rights to file objections to the gas and oil operation. Persons objecting to a permit must state their reasons for objecting within 15 days of the date of receipt of notice. Written objections must be filed with the Director, Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy, Division of Gas and Oil, P. O. Drawer 159, Lebanon, Virginia 24266. Operator: CNX Gas Company LLC Address: 627 Claypool Hill Mall Road Cedar Bluff, VA 24609 Telephone Number: (276) 596-5075