010056398 February 5, 12
The Board of Park and Recreation Commissioners of Morgantown is requesting proposals for the resurfacing of six (6) tennis courts at Marilla Park. SCOPE OF WORK shall include all labor, materials, equipment and transportation to install the court surface and markings. Complete bid packets can be received at the Marilla Center in Marilla Park, M-F 8:30AM to 4:00PM or by calling 304-296-8356. Sealed proposals will be accepted until 11:00AM Tuesday, February 24, 2015 and opened immediately thereafter. For site inspection, please contact Randy Moore, Manager of Facilities/Grounds Maintenance at 304-292-0028. BOPARC reserves the right to reject any and all Bids in whole or in part, as their interest may require; and to waive any informality in bids received. Additionally, BOPARC reserves the right to accept or reject a Bid not accompanied by the required Bidding Documents; to accept or reject any condition of the Bid by a Bidder that is in any way inconsistent with the terms and conditions of the Bidding Documents; or to accept or reject a Bid that is in any way incomplete or irregular.