NOTICE OF TRUSTEE’S SALE In execution of the deed of trust, dated December 5, 2008, from Raymond G. McCoy and April L. McCoy to Gary R. Mills and Stephen M. Feola, as trustees, of record in the Office of the Clerk of the County Commission of Mercer County, West Virginia, in Trust Deed Book 1156, at page 68, the undersigned trustee will offer for sale at public auction on March 6, 2015, at 10:00 a.m. at the North Walker Street entrance to the Mercer County Courthouse, Princeton, West Virginia, all that certain parcel of land situate in Beaver Pond District, Mercer County, at the community of New Hope, West Virginia, lying on the waters of Brush Creek of Bluestone River and more particularly bounded and described as follows: BEGINNING at a point in Fussy Creek and in the southwest right-of-way of West Virginia State Route Number 20 and at the northeast corner of Dallas Hubbard and a northwest corner to Jean Carr Lemunyon; thence with the southeastern line of said Route 20 the following four calls and common lines to said Lemunyon N 68?-44′-15″ E. 193.28′; thence with a curve to the left having a radius of 1949.86′ on a chord bearing and distance of N 66?-45′-15″ W. 134.96′; thence S 25?-13′-45″ E 40.00′; thence N 61?-40′-50″ E 130.83′ to a point in the southeastern right-of-way of said State Route 20 and in Shelton Branch; thence with Shelton Branch the following two calls and through the lands of said Lemunyon the following six calls S 02?-06′-35″ E. 161.45′; thence; thence S 33? 47′-05″ W 168.75′ to a point at the intersection of said Shelton Branch and Brush Creek; thence with said Brush Creek the following seven calls S 42?-05′-45″ W 281.35′; thence N 36?-19′-15″ W 83.91′; thence S 71?-39′-05″ W 68.89′; thence N 23?-11′-45″ W 42.57′; thence with the northeastern lines of Henry Bailey and common lines to said Lemunyon the following three calls S 79?-02′-30″ W 84.20′ W 84.20′ ; thence N 42?-52′-50″W 46.32; thence N 13?-14′-20″ W 115.91′ to a point at the intersection of said Fussy Creek and Brush Creek and at the southeast corner of said Hubbard and a common corner to said Bailey and a common corner to said Lemunyon; thence with the northeastern lines of said Hubbard and common lines to said Lemunyon and with said Fussy Creek the following three calls N 12?-51′-25″ W 82.27′; thence N 21?-29′-35″ E 32.05′; thence N 62?-42′-20″ W 76.95′ to the point of beginning and containing 3.52 acres, more or less, as shown on plat attached hereto and made a part of this document. And being the same property conveyed unto Dallas D. Hubbard, Jr. and Linda K. Hubbard, by Jean Carr Lemunyon by deed dated June 7, 2004 of record in the Office of the Clerk of the County Commission of Mercer County, West Virginia in Deed Book 870 at Page 84. J. Peter Richardson was appointed substitute trustee by the APPOINTMENT OF SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEE, dated February 5, 2015, of record in said Clerk’s Office in Trust Deed Book 1290, at page 595. This sale will include all rights, easements, appurtenances, improvements and structures that are part of the real estate described above. This sale will be subject to all restrictions, rights-of-way, conditions, easements, and mechanics’ and materialmen’s liens, if any, whether of record or not of record, to the extent any of the foregoing apply and take priority over the lien of the deed of trust. TERMS OF SALE: Cash in hand on day of sale. The conveyance of the real estate will be by special warranty deed. The real estate and any improvements thereon will be sold in “as is” condition without any warranties. The successful bidder will assume the risk of all loss or damage to the real estate and any improvements thereon after the sale, and be responsible for all costs of the conveyance including, but not limited to, any examination of title, preparation of the deed, excise tax and recording fees. Any announcements made at the sale, including postponement of the sale and withdrawal of the real estate from sale, will take priority over published notices. Dated: February 12, 2015. J. Peter Richardson, as trustee Post Office Box 1778 Bluefield, West Virginia 24701 (304) 327-7158