Notice is hereby given that the default having occurred in the payment of a certain indebtedness secured by a Deed of Trust dated March 25, 2008, by Jodie B. Keplinger and John G. Oiler, Borrowers/Trustors and Mark H. Wright or C. David Robertson, Trustees in favor of Summit Community Bank, and said Deed of Trust is duly recorded in the Office of the Clerk of the County Commission of Hampshire County, West Virginia, in Trust Book No. 473, at Page 556, which Deed of Trust authorizes the Beneficiary to remove, substitute or add a Trustee at its option, and the Beneficiary having exercised its option and substituted William H. Bean as its Trustee to act in the enforcement of said Deed of Trust in person, and the Substitute Trustee Appointment is recorded in the Office of the County Commission of Hampshire County, West Virginia in Trust Book 591, at Page 189,  and the undersigned  Trustee having been requested by the beneficial owner of said indebtedness to enforce said Deed of Trust, will sell at public auction and to the highest bidder, the following hereinafter described real estate on Friday, November 20, 2015, at 12:00 Noon at the front door of the Hampshire County Courthouse in Romney, West Virginia.


All that certain tract or parcel of real estate, together with all rights, rights-of-ways, improvements and appurtenances thereunto belonging, situate in Romney District, Hampshire County, West Virginia, known and designated as Lot 3 of Little Mountain Estates, containing 2.57 acres, more or less, as shown on the plat of said subdivision of record in the Office of the Clerk of the County Commission of Hampshire County, West Virginia, in Map Book 7 at Pages 56-58  to which reference is now made for any and all pertinent purposes.

Being the same lot or parcel of real estate conveyed unto Jodi B. Keplinger and John G. Oiler, from James A. Fabbri and Heidi J. Fabbri, his wife, by Deed dated March 19, 2008, and of record in the Office of the Clerk of the County Commission of Hampshire County, West Virginia, in Deed Book No. 473 at Page 71. Jodi B. Keplinger, now Jodi Long, is a grantor of said Deed of Trust, but has been released from personal liability for the deficiency, if any, which remains after foreclosure.

Reference is hereby made to the aforesaid deed and other documents therein referred to and same are incorporated herein, by reference, for all proper and pertinent reasons.

The real estate is identified for tax assessment purposes in the Hampshire County Assessor’s Office on Tax Map 13, as Parcel 84.

FEDERAL TAX LIENS: In the event that there are Federal Tax Liens against the property, the United States Government would have the right to redeem the property within a period of 120 days from date of such sale or period allowable for redemption under local law, whichever is longer.

TERMS OF SALE: Ten percent (10{4ceb532c6f579389df471c6c1e832caf2346b74dc60fcbf6aabd4d29df3baf9c}) deposit, in cash or approved check, must be tendered on date of sale, with the balance due at closing which shall be within two (2) weeks from date of sale. All costs of deed preparation, transfer stamps and real estate taxes now due or to become due are to be paid by the purchaser. The property will be conveyed by Trustee by quit claim deed without warranty of title. If Trustee cannot convey an insurable or marketable title, the purchasers sole remedy is a return of deposit. The Trustee reserves the right to continue sale of subject property from time to time by oral proclamation, which continuation shall be in the sole discretion of the Trustee.

Any excess monies obtained from said sale, if any, will be applied toward inferior liens in order of their priority.

For more information concerning the property contact Tina Martin, Director of Debt Management for Summit Community Financial Group at 304-530-0522.

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