Notice of proposal and invitation for comment – telecommunications tower

TowerCo 2013 LLC is proposing to construct a 258-foot self-supported telecommunications tower at the following site: off Stafford Branch Road in Gilbert, Mingo County, WV at Latitude 37° 36’ 21.0” N and Longitude 81° 51’ 23.5” W.  The tower will be lit with #7 FAA Style E Medium Intensity Dual System lights. Interested persons may review the application online at by entering the Form 854 File Number A1184553.  TowerCo invites comments from any interested party on the impact of the proposed action on any districts, sites, buildings, structures or objects significant in American history, archaeology, engineering or culture that are listed or determined eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places.  Please submit comments within 30 days to Martin Environmental Solutions Inc at 4268 Oldfield Crossing Drive, Suite 306, Jacksonville, FL 32223,, or call (904) 737-1034.