(Cert No. 430942

Onondaga Holding Company, LLC)

TO: PHILLIP I BRAKE, PHILLIP I BRAKE – REGULAR MAIL, or heirs at law, devisees, creditors, representatives, successors or assigns.

You will take notice that Onondaga Holding Company, LLC, the purchaser of the following real estate, Certification No. 430942, located in Union District, Harrisville 1/4 ogm Lot #9 & 10 (17040 Sq Ft) Harrisville, which was returned delinquent and nonentered in the name of Brake, Phillip I. & Elaine L., and was sold by the deputy commissioner of delinquent and nonentered lands of Ritchie County at the sale for delinquent taxes on 9/11/2014.  Onondaga Holding Company, LLC requests that you be notified a deed for such real estate will be made on or after 02/20/2015, as provided by law, unless before that day you redeem such real estate.  The amount needed to redeem on or before 02/20/2015, will be as follows:

Amount equal to the taxes

and charges due on the

date of the sale, with interest,

to 02/20/2015 $    633.74

Amount of taxes

paid on the property, since the sale,

with interest to 02/20/2015 $       0.00

Amount paid for Title

Examination and preparation of the

list to be served and for

preparation and service of notice

with interest to 02/20/2015 $   601.67

Additional Statutory Fees with

Interest to 02/20/2015 $       0.00

Total Required$1,235.41

You may redeem at any time before 02/20/2015, by paying the above total less any unearned interest.

Given under my hand 1/5/2015

G. Russell Rollyson Jr.

Deputy Commissioner of Delinquent and Nonentered Lands of Ritchie County,

State of West Virginia

Please make your certified check or money order payable to the Honorable Bryan Backus, Sheriff of Ritchie County and return to WV State Auditor’s Office, County Collections Office, Building 1, Room W-118, Charleston, West Virginia, 25305.

Questions please call 1-888-509-6568.