BEFORE THE COUNTY COMMISSION OF FAYETTE COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA RE: APPLICATION OF RALPH E. BRAGG AND JOANN BRAGG FOR CLOSING OF ROAD, STREET OR OTHER TRAVEL WAY PORTION OF FRONT STREET OFF GATEWOOD ROAD PLATEAU DISTRICT, FAYETTE COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA ORDER PERMITTING THE FILING OF APPLICATION TO CLOSE UNUSED PORTION OF FRONT STREET BRAGGVILLE, PLATEAU DISTRICT, FAYETTE COUNTY This day there was presented unto the Fayette County Commission by James C. Blakenship, III, counsel for the Applicants, Ralph E. Bragg and Jo ann Bragg, the verified Application of the Applicants to close an unused portion of Front Street located at Braggville on Gatewood Road, Plateau District, Fayette County, West Virginia. Whereupon, the Commission considered the contents of said Application, and finding that the street sought to be closed is located outside of any municipality in Fayette County, West Virginia, and that said Application is otherwise sufficient, it is the ORDER and JUDGMENT that a hearing on said Application shall be conducted thereon on March 25, 2015, at 11:00 a.m. at the County Commission Courtroom located on the first floor of the Fayette County Courthouse, Fayetteville, West Virginia, and NOTICE of said hearing is hereby provided as required by West Virginia Code 7-1-3h. DENISE SCALPH, PRESIDENT MATTHEW D. WENDER, COMMISSIONER JOHN LOPEZ, COMMISSIONER 3-5-THR-1-FT; LG 138