PUBLIC NOTICE GENERAL WATER POLLUTION CONTROL PERMIT FOR WATER PRODUCED FROM COALBED METHANE WELLS The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, Office of Oil and Gas is proposing to renew its General Water Pollution Control Permit addressing discharges of water produced from coalbed methane wells (GP-WV-1-07). This General Permit is issued in accordance with the provisions of Article 6, Chapter 22 of the Code of West Virginia. The General Permit will authorize the permittee to acquire, construct, install, modify and operate a system or parts thereof for the discharge to land of treated or untreated water produced by coalbed methane wells. Comments pertaining to the renewal of this permit must be received by March 23, 2015. All comments received within this period will be considered prior to acting on the draft permit. Correspondence should include the name, address and telephone number of the commenter, as well as a concise statement of the nature of the issues being raised. Comments may be submitted to the Chief, Office of Oil and Gas, Attn: Comment CBM, 601 57th Street SE, Charleston WV 25304. Comments may also be emailed to [email protected], with the phrase “Comment CBM” included in the subject line. Copies of the draft permit and fact sheet may be obtained from the Office of Oil and Gas by calling (304) 926-0450 or by accessing the Department’s website at dep.wv.gov/pio. 2-20-FRI-1-RH; L 2604