PUBLIC NOTICE West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection Office of Oil and Gas 601 57th Street SE Charleston, WV 25304 Phone: 304-926-0450 Fax: 304-926-0452 Re: UIC Permit Applications UIC 2D0190460 UIC 2D0190508 APPLICATIONS FOR STATE UNDERGROUND INJECTION CONTROL PERMITS Paper: Fayette Tribune P.O. Box 139 Oak Hill, WV 25901 The following applicant has applied for two Class II West Virginia Underground Injection Control (UIC) Permits for this facility or activity: Applicant: Danny E Webb Construction Inc. P.O. Box 267 Lochgelly, WV 25866-0267 Application Numbers: UIC 2D0190460, UIC 2D0190508 Business Conducted: Oil and/or natural gas production Location: Permit Application Number UIC 2D0190460: On the waters of Wolf Creek of the New River in the Plateau District of Fayette County; UTM NAD 83 Northing 4207482, Easting 486627. Permit Application Number UIC 2D0190508: On the waters of Wolf Creek of the New River in the Plateau District of Fayette County; UTM NAD 83 Northing 4208286, Easting 486902. Activity: Renewal of two Underground Injection Control (UIC) permits for the subsurface disposal of approved fluids. The state of West Virginia will act on the above applications in accordance with the West Virginia Legislative Rule, Title 47, Series 13, and West Virginia Code Chapter 22, Article 11and 12. Public Comments: Any interested person may submit written comments on the draft permits. Such comments will be accepted through May 1, 2015, and should be addressed to: West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection Office of Oil and Gas Attn: Justin Nottingham, UIC Comments 601 57th Street SE Charleston, WV 25304 Written comments will also be accepted via fax at 304-926-0452, Attn: Justin Nottingham, with “UIC Comments” written near the top; or via email at Justin.E.Nottingham@wv.gov with “UIC Comments” in the subject line. Comments can also be submitted orally, or in writing, at a public hearing scheduled for 6 to 8 p.m. on April 21, 2015, at Oak Hill High School, located at 350 West Oyler Avenue in Oak Hill. Two previous public hearings scheduled at the school had to be postponed due to inclement weather. Pursuant to Title 47, Series 13, Section 13.27.a. of the West Virginia Legislative Rules, the chief of the Office of Oil and Gas has determined there is a significant degree of public interest of issues relevant to the draft underground injection control (2D0190460 and 2D0190508) permits and has decided to hold the public hearing. Two previous hearing dates were canceled due to inclement weather conditions. In addition to a table where public comments will be taken, an information station will also set up at the hearing. DEP representatives will be on hand at the information station to respond to questions about the permit applications and the application review process. Both written and oral comments received within this period will be considered by DEP before the agency acts on the permit applications. Written correspondence should include the name, address and telephone number of the writer and a concise statement of the nature of the issues being raised. Issues should be relevant to the draft permits. Obtaining Information: The permit applications, fact sheet, and any required draft permits are on file and may be inspected, by appointment, or copies obtained at a nominal cost, at the Office of Oil and Gas, 601 57th Street SE, Charleston, WV 25304, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on business days, or you may download the permit applications, fact sheet, and draft permits at http://www.dep.wv.gov/oil-and-gas/databaseinfo/Pages/UIC-Pending-Applications-.aspx Interested persons may contact Justin Nottingham at 304-926-0499, ext. 1650, to obtain further information. 3-19-THR-1-FT; LG 150