Public Notice


CHANGE, Incorporated a Non-profit in Hancock County, WV is seeking a
medication management system for our Federally Qualified Healthcare Program that covers the three main sites and 10 school based health centers. The system(s) must offer an integrated service that covers all our sites and offers pharmaceutical-grade hardware, software to automate inventory management, training, tech support and maintenance agreements. Bids must include options to purchase outright with a maintenance and tech support agreement or lease options including the same. Other requirements *include* training of the systems and upgrades as released. The system(s) must be *compliant* with VFC and 340B programs and *provide* tracking for each dose administered. Alerting for low-or expired vaccine inventory to avoid stock outs. System(s) must provide safeguards for vaccine viability with ideal temperature control, have graphical user interface and available EMR integration to reduce errors. Must include ability for barcoding and scan of inventory. Bids must be turned into the office of CEO, 3136 West St., Weirton WV by June 14, 2021.
WDT May 31, June 1, 2, 2021