Be it resolved by the City Council of the City of Parkersburg that the 2015-16 One Year Action Plan for the Use of Community Development Block Grant and HOME Investment Partnership Grant funds be approved as follows:


City of Parkersburg – Community Development Block Grant Program

FY15-16 CDBG Allocation                                                                $753,339.00

Projected FY 15-16 CDBG Program Income                                     $ 30,000.00

Total:                                                                                               $783,339.00



CDBG Projects and Activities

  1. Improvements to Community Infrastructure
  2. Southwood Park Pool Enhancement Project $ 40,000.00
  3. Riverfront Park-Section 108 Loan Repayment $180,000.00
  4. South Parkersburg Sidewalk Project $ 30,000.00
  5. St. Marys/Dudley Avenue Streetscape Project $100,000.00


  1. Enhancement of Public Services
  2. COPE Police Program $ 70,000.00
  3. Code Enforcement Officer $ 48,000.00
  4. PATH Program-Westbrook Health Services $ 10,000.00
  5. Schools to Pools Program $   1,000.00


III. Housing Programs

  1. Minor Home Repair Program $ 30,000.00
  2. Emergency Home Repair Program $ 18,455.00


  1. Economic Development
  2. Uptowner Inn Redevelopment Project – Marriott Townplace

Suites Hotel                                                                            $100,000.00


  1. General Administration $155,884.00

Total                                                                                                $783,339.00


Parkersburg-Wood County HOME Consortium Program

FY15-16 HOME Allocation                                                                $231,282.00

Projected FY15-16 Program Income                                                 $ 30,000.00

Total                                                                                                $261,282.00


HOME Investment Partnership Grant Fund Project and Activities


  1. Affordable Housing Project (New Construction – LMI Census Tract) $130,000.00
  2. First-time Homebuyers Program (SHOP) $ 20,179.93

III.  Community Housing Development Organization                         $ 85,000.00

  1. General Administration $ 26,102.07

Total                                                                                                $261,282.00


Total HUD Allocation                                                                     $1,044,621.00


The purpose of this public notice is to inform affected citizens and invite public comments on the proposed budget of the Community Development Block Grant Program and HOME Consortium Partnership funds. As part of the Citizen Participation Plan, the City and the Consortium will hold a public hearing on the proposed plan on April 29, 2015 at 5:30 p.m. in the small Council Chambers on the 2nd floor of the Municipal Building at #1 Government Square.The City will also receive written comments on this proposed plan until May 25, 2015. Comments should be submitted to the Development Department, #1 Government Square, P.O. Box 1627, Parkersburg, WV 26102. The City will consider comments received and if appropriate, modify the proposed budget. The proposed plan is available for review during business hours at the Development Department, Fifth Floor Municipal Building, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. For further information, please contact Tim Walker, Federal Projects Administrator, at the above address or by calling (304) 424-8452.



Apr 24