West Virginia State Auditor’s Office

West Virginia State Auditor’s Office

2013-Certification No.: 42874: Randolph County To: PAULINE A SALISBURY HEIRS, PAULINE SALISBURY HEIRS, VALLEY VOLUNTEERS, PAULINE A SALISBURY HEIRS – REGULAR MAIL or heirs at law, devisees, creditors, representatives, successors or assigns.

You will take notice that Rella B. Cvetican, the purchaser of the following real estate, Certification No.: 42874, located in Huttonsville District, Mill Creek 7800 Sq Ft which was returned delinquent or nonentered in the name of Salisbury Pauline A Hrs, and was sold by the deputy commissioner of delinquent and nonentered lands of Randolph County at the sale for delinquent taxes on 8/27/2014. Rella B. Cvetica requests that you be notified a deed for such real estate will be made on or after 01/02/2015, as provided by law, unless before that day you redeem such real estate. The amount needed to redeem on or before 01/02/2015, will be as follows:

Amount equal to the taxes and charges due on the date
of the sale, with interest, to 01/02/2015.    $745.45

Amount of taxes paid on the property, since the sale,
with interest to 01/02/2015.    $0.00

Amount paid for Title Examination and preparation of the
list to be served and for preparation and service of notice
with interest to 01/02/2015.    $235.35

Additional Statutory Fees with interest to 01/02/2015.    $0.00

Total Required    $980.80

You may redeem at any time before 01/02/2015, by paying the above total less any unearned interest.

Given under my hand 11/19/2014

G. Russell Rollyson Jr.
Deputy Commissioner of Delinquent and
Nonentered Lands of Randolph County, State of West Virginia
12/3, 12/10, 12/17