WV Potomac Highlands Aerial Photography Update Initiative 2015


A group composed of 3 West Virginia Counties, is seeking professional services on the projects listed in this advertisement. Consideration will be given to only those firms that are qualified pursuant to law to perform the indicated type(s) of work. A request for a request for proposal (RFP) from qualified firms are to be emailed (faxed requests will not be accepted) to:

[email protected]

ATTN: WVPHAP Update Initiative 2015 in the subject line.
The RFP, in Adobe.pdf format, and all attachments and all accompanying information and files will be provided in downloadable electronic format via a link sent by email to the sender making the request for an RFP. No hard copies of the RFP will be provided. The County Governments participating within WV Potomac Highlands Aerial Photography Update Initiative 2015 reserve the right to reject any and all proposals and select the proposal that is in their best interest. It is the intent of WV Potomac Highlands Aerial Photography Update Initiative 2015 to select one proposer to complete all County coverages. It is critical that interested proposers register with the client agency as soon as possible in order to be fully informed for any addendums, updates, discussions, etc.

This will not change any proposals already submitted for the WV Potomac Highlands Aerial Photography Update Initiative 2014-2015 unless the vendor wishes to withdraw previous proposal and submit an amended proposal. This is being reposted for procurement discrepant reasons and downgrading to a 3 county project.

PROJECT NUMBER: WVPHAP Update Initiative 2015

PROJECT NAME: WV Potomac Highlands Aerial Photography Update Initiative 2015

PROJECT LOCATION: Grant, Hampshire and Mineral counties in West Virginia. All participating Counties are requesting quotes based on complete countywide coverages with map index combinations of 6 inch and 9 inch pixels acquired strictly by a full color digital camera with other details spelled out in the RFQ.

CLIENT AGENCY: Grant, Hampshire and Mineral County Entities

CLIENT TECHNICAL CONTACT: Aaron Cox Phone: 304-822-5195
email: [email protected]



ERRORS AND OMISSIONS IN RFP: Proposers are responsible for reviewing all portions of this RFP. Proposers are to promptly notify the agency, in writing, if the Proposer discovers any discrepancy, omission or other error in the RFP.