Author: Clay Free Press

WVDOT Virtual Public Workshop Future Federal Funding

Legal 3 col x 4” 0825 The West Virginia Department of Transportation (WVDOT) is seeking input to help guide the future of transportation in West Virginia. Based upon information obtained from prior public workshop held on June 30,2022, WVDOT staff has developed a Draft 6-year Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)[Read More…]

Circuit Court Civil Action 22-P-5

Legal 2 col x 2-3/4” 0901 0908 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF CLAY COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA In the Matter of Petition of Name Change of Current Name J.T.B. Civil Action No. 22-P-5 To Judge Alsop New Name J.T.F. Legal Notice of Publication Change of Name Order of Publication Circuit Court[Read More…]

PSC Case 22-0605-W-DSIC West Virginia-American Water Co

Legal 3 col x 6” 0901 PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION OF WEST VIRGINIA CHARLESTON CASE NO. 22-0605-W-DSIC WEST VIRGINIA-AMERICAN WATER COMPANY, 2023 Distribution System Improvement Charge. NOTICE OF FILING AND HEARING On June 30, 2022, West Virginia-American Water Company (WVAWC) filed an application for approval of a Distribution System Improvement Plan[Read More…]

Clay Co Commission Hearing Delinquent Estates

Legal 3 col x 4” 0901 IN THE COUNTY COMMISSION OF CLAY COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA NOTICE OF HEARING ON ORDERS TO SHOW CAUSE AGAINST DELINQUENT OR UNPROGRESSED ESTATES The undersigned Clerk of the County Commission does hereby NOTIFY all persons interested in the below estates that a hearing before the[Read More…]

Notice of Ancillary Filing Without Administration Wilson

Legal 2 col x 3-1/4” 0901 0908 Notice of Ancillary Filing without any Administration to Creditors, Distributees & Legatees Notice is hereby given that the following foreign will or affidavit of heirs has been filed in the Clay County Clerk’s Office at P.O. Box 190, 246 Main Street, Clay, WV[Read More…]

Attention Taxpayers Change in Tax Lien Sales

Legal 2 col x 1-3/4” 0901 ATTENTION TAXPAYERS WV State Code relating to delinquent tax lien sales has been changed. This office will no longer hold the delinquent sale in November. September 1, the delinquent list will be run and published in the newspaper. Certified letters will be mailed to[Read More…]

Family Court Case No 22-M20D-00814

Legal 2 col x 3-3/4” 0901 IN THE FAMILY COURT OF KANAWHA COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA TO: Vincent Seth Ruggieri Magistrate Court Case No.: 22-M20D-00814 15 Bird Hollow Road Family Court Civil Action No.: 22-DV-00638 Lizemores, WV 25125 DOB: 07/25/1984 ORDER OF PUBLICATION PROTECTIVE ORDER 1. The object of this suit[Read More…]

Sheriffs Real Estate Delinquent List

Legal 6 col x 19” 0908 0915 0922 NOTICE OF SHERIFF’S REAL ESTATE DELINQUENT LIST Notice is hereby given that tax liens for the following described tracts or lots of land or undivided interests therein in the County of Clay and the tax liens that encumber the same which are[Read More…]

DEP PermitWV1009290 WV Reclaim Co LLC

Legal 3 col x 9” 0915 ADVERTISEMENT MR-34-BR Notice is hereby given that WV RECLAIM CO, LLC, 2122 LEATHERWOOD ROAD, BICKMORE, WV 25019 has submitted an application for the reissuance of Article 11/WVNPDES Permit No. WV1009290 to the Department of Environmental Protection, 47 School Street, Suite 301, Philippi, WV 26416-1150[Read More…]

DEP Permit S200995 WV Reclaim Co LLC

Legal 3 col x 6-3/4” 0915 0922 0929 1006 ADVERTISEMENT Notice is hereby given that WV RECLAIM CO, LLC, 2122 LEATHERWOOD ROAD, BICKMORE, WV 25019 has submitted an application with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), 47 School Street, Suite 301, Philippi, WV 26416-1600 for a Phase 1 release of[Read More…]