City of Parkersburg

PO Box 1627

Parkersburg, WV 26102



January 11, 2016


Candace Farr

AKA Candace Gibson

113 Brentwood Drive

Parkersburg WV 26101


Sheriff of Wood County

1 Court Square

Parkersburg, WV 26101


Kristie Johnson

916 15th Street

Parkersburg WV 26101


West Virginia State Auditorás Office

1900 Kanawha Blvd E Bldg 1 Room W-100

Charleston, WV 25305


Work Force West Virginia Unemployment Compensation Division

112 California Avenue

Charleston, WV 25305


Any unknown and unrecorded deed or land contract holders, their heirs or devisees


RE: 906 15th Street


Proceedings under Chapter 8, Article 1776 of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Parkersburg, West Virginia, relative to a certain building located at 906 15th Street, Parkersburg, West Virginia.


You are hereby notified that after proper investigation, the City of Parkersburg has determined that a certain building located at 906 15th Street, Parkersburg, West Virginia, is in violation of the 2012 international Property Maintenance Code and is detrimental to the public welfare.


Said building is in violations of the following provisions of the 2012 International Property Maintenance Code:




The above structure is an unsafe building and is unfit for human occupancy or use. It shall not be reoccupied without approval of the Code Official, PM 105.


Structure unsafe, unlawful because of the degree in which it lacks maintenance or is in disrepair and other essential equipment required by this Code PM 105.


108.1.5 Dangerous structure or premises – (7)

301.3 Vacant structures and land

304.1 General.

304.7 Roofs and drainage.

304.11 Chimneys and towers.


You are therefore hereby directed to repair or demolish said building before the 22nd day of February, 2016.


You are further notified that you have the right, within 10 days of the service of this notice, to demand a hearing before the Appeals Board at which meeting you shall have the right to be heard in full and introduce such relevant evidence and testimony as you desire. Such petition for an appeal must be in writing and must be delivered to the Code


Enforcement Division, Fourth Floor of the Municipal Building, Parkersburg, West Virginia. If written petition for an appeal is received, such hearing shall be held within 5 days, at a time and place to be designated by the Code Enforcement Division.


If no hearing is demanded by you, and said building is not repaired or demolished by the 22nd day of February, 2016, then said building will be demolished by the City of Parkersburg, and a lien/suit will be taken against you and the Real Estate for the cost of demolition.



Gary Moss

Code Enforcement Director



Jan 16, 23, 30