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Legal Notices

NOTICE OF INTENT TO AWARD A SOLE SOURCE PROCUREMENT R2101277 Response Deadline: 3:00 p.m., LPT, Wednesday, January 19, 2021 Marshall University intends to waive the solicitation process and approve a sole source to purchase a NanoSight NS300 Instrument and includes these accessories: USB High Sensitivity Camera Option, NS300 Syringe Pump Installation Kit, NS300 V405nm Violet Laser Module, NS300 405nm Fluorescence Kit, NS300 Sample Assistant w/Syringe Pump, and 64-bit Windows 10 NTA PC Package. The University has determined this equipment fits our needs. Justification: The University has determined the NanoSight NS300 Instrument has many unique features that are essential to the University’s program. Those features include the following: 1. Measures over 1,000 particles in 60 seconds 2. Particle by particle analysis for high resolution size and concentration 3. Minimal sample preparation 4. On board temperature control 5. Choice of laser wavelengths 6. Visual validation of results gives extra confidence 7. Utilizes the properties of both light scattering and Brownian motion to obtain size distribution and concentration measurement of particles in liquid suspension Interested Vendors (firms or individuals) that can sell an “or equal” NS300 Instrument system and accessories to the University can respond with an alternate solution that overcomes the sole source reasons stated above, along with sufficient, detailed, convincing documentation, regarding their ability to supply equivalent NanoSight NS300 Instrument. The Vendor’s response must be sent directly to Marshall University Purchasing Agent at and received no later than 3:00 p.m., LPT, Monday, January 19, 2021. Any responses to this notice must show clear and convincing evidence that competition would be advantageous to the University. Supporting documentation should include, but is not limited to, NanoSight NS300 Instrument specifications, available quantities and a comprehensive timeline that include NanoSight NS300 Instrument importation and upgrades. The University reserves the right to require the responding Vendor to submit additional information as it may deem necessary and may consider any evidence available to it of the financial technical and other qualifications and abilities of the responding Vendor. This is not a request for bids or proposals and there is no solicitation available. The University will not consider any responses as a proposal, bid, or quote. Any response received as a result of this Notice of Intent shall be considered solely for determining whether bona fide competition exists. If it is determined by University staff, after reviewing any information received from responding Vendors, that the sole source justification stands and the printer system are available only from a sole source, the University will waive the solicitation process and award the sole source procurement. LH-104455 1-13;2021