Legal Notices

NOTICE IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF CABELL COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA CIVIL ACTION NO. 21-JA-49-51 JUDGE Gregory L. Howard, Jr. WEST VIRGI NIA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN RESOURCES, ex rel., Tasha Willis, Social Service Worker, Petitioner , V. MELISSA FLOWERS, PAUL JASON FLOWERS, SAMUEL FLOWERS, GRACE FLOWERS, and STELLA FLOWERS, Respondents. IN THE INTEREST OF THE MINOR CHILDREN: Samuel Flowers, DOB: 02/22/2008, 21-JA-49 Grace Flowers, DOB: 01/01/2006, 21-JA-50 Stella Flowers, DOB: 07/16/2014, 21-JA-51 ORDER OF PUBLICATION Please take notice that this matter will come on for adjudication and/or termination of parental rights of the above listed parties and any unknown putative fathers or any other appropriate relief before the Honorable Gregory L. Howard, Jr., Judge of the Circuit Court of Cabell County, West Virginia, on the 20th day of May, 2021, at 11:30 a.m. at which time and place you may be present to protect your interests, if you so desire. You are further advised that the minor child(ren) and respondents in this proceeding shall have the right to counsel at this hearing and every stage of proceeding; if you cannot pay for the services of counsel, the Court shall appoint counsel for you; and said proceeding can result in permanent termination of parental rights. You are further advised that if an answer or appearance is not made by you at said hearing, thereafter, judgment upon proper hearing and trial may be taken against you for the relief demanded in the petition, i.e. permanent termination of parental, custodial, or guardianship rights. An original and copies of the petition has been filed in the office of the Circuit Clerk of Cabell County, West Virginia, at the Cabell County Courthouse, and a copy of said petition is available for each respondent at the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office upon request. You may also contact the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office to obtain the name of the attorney appointed to represent you. STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA By Counsel, Kent L. Bryson, State Bar No. 7274 Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Cabell County, West Virginia LH-109421 4-27;5-4;2021