Legal Notices

PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION OF WEST VIRGINIA CHARLESTON NOTICE OF TARIFF MODIFICATION CULLODEN PUBLIC SERVICE DISTRICT CASE NO. 19-0378-PSD-CN By Recommended Decision dated July 2, 2019 (Final July 22, 2019), the Commission granted the Culloden Public Service District (District) a certificate of convenience and necessity to make improvements to its system, including the demolition of an abandoned wastewater treatment plant, the replacement and relocation of the Sovine Lift Station, and construction of approximately 7,500 feet of gravity sewers and 400 feet of force main (Project). The Commission approved new rates and charges for the District in Case No. 20-0570-PSD-19A by a Recommended Decision dated February 12, 2021 (Final March 4, 2021), and as amended by Commission Order dated April 23, 2021. The approved Step-2 rates were effective upon certification of substantial completion of the Project. On May 6, 2021, the District filed a petition to modify its tariff to allow its Step-2 rates to become effective at the end of May 2021 to provide for commencement of the Project debt service. The 2020A Bond Issue related to the Project requires debt service payments to be deposited beginning July 1, 2021. The District initially anticipated substantial completion of the Project in June 2021, however, the Project was prolonged by ninety days. The District stated that it needed to have its Project rates in effect for its billings sent to customers at the end of May in order to have sufficient funds to pay the initial debt service. By Order dated May 28, 2021, the Commission granted the the District’s request to modify its tariff to allow its Step-2 rates to take effect for all bills rendered on and after May 28, 2021. CULLODEN PUBLIC SERVICE DISTRICT LH-111392 6/3/2021