010054624 January 19, 21, 26, 28
In the Circuit Court of Preston County, West Virginia
In the Matter of:
JOSYPH R. M.-N. — DOB: 06/23/11 Case No.; 14-JA-44
AVANGELENE M. M.-N. — DOB: 04/24/12 Case No.: 14-JA-45
JORDYNN A. M.-N. — DOB: 06/14/13 Case No.: 14-JA-46
JEREMIE, G. M.-N. — DOB: 11/15/14 Case No.: 14-JA-47

Adult Respondent:
Rodney A. Moats, Jr. — Biological Father

Order of Publication on Notice of Hearing

Notice is hereby given that a Hearing in the matter of Josyph R., Avangelene M., Jordynn A., and Jeremie G. M.-N. has been scheduled for February 25, 2015, at 1:00 p.m. This Hearing will be held in the Preston County Circuit Court at 101 West Main Street, Kingwood, Preston County, West Virginia, with the Honorable Lawrance S. Miller, Jr. presiding. The children and parent in this proceeding have a right to counsel at every stage of these proceedings.
This proceeding can result in the permanent termination of the parental rights of the Adult Respondent to Josyph R., Avangelene M., Jordynn A., and Jeremie G. M.-N., and failure on Adult Respondent’s part to object to any defects in the petition and notices shall not be considered a waiver thereof. The Adult Respondent can obtain a certified copy of the Abuse and Neglect Petition and Order from the Preston County Circuit Clerk’s Office at 101 West Main Street, Room 301, Kingwood, West Virginia 26537.

Submitted by:
West Virginia Department of
Health and Human Resources, by
Anne Marie Armstrong,
Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
Preston County, West Virginia