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All persons desiring to take the Civil Service Examination to qualify for appointment to the Taylor County. Sheriff’s Department may obtain an application from the Taylor County Sheriff’s office or by email at between March 2, 2015 thru March 13, 2015. Completed applications MUST be returned to the Taylor County Deputy Sheriff’s Civil Service Commission PO Box 265. Grafton, WV 26354 or emailed to All applications must be received by March 26, 2015. Test will be scheduled with due notice thereof after receipt and review of the applications.

AGE: All applicants shall not be less than 18 nor more than 45 years of age, unless said applicant has been a deputy sheriff in this county during the past two years.

MILITARY/LAW ENFORCEMENT: Any Applicant seeking preference as a veteran or as a certified West Virginia police officer, must submit proof of military service (Form DD-214), and or proof of your current law enforcement certification on or before the time of the examination.

EDUCATION: All applicants must have a High School education or a GED and provide documented proof thereof.

PAY: Is based on the division of the law enforcement branch of Taylor County Sheriffs Department that the applicant is hired for. There is a one year probation period.

VACATION AND SICK LEAVE- Annual vacation is based on months worked and sick leave is granted by the Taylor County Personnel Policy.

SALARY: The Minimum starting salary is $27,500.00 for an entry level non-certified officer.

PENSION: State pension law provides retirement plan.

All applicants must pass an Agility Test & Pre-Employment Drug Testing.

All applicants must present a medical clearance and release of liability from his or her personal physician before being admitted to the physical agility test.

All applicants are subject to background check, polygraph examination, and psychological evaluation.

John C. Snyder, President
Lloyd Striver, Member
Wayne Snail, Member



PUBLIC HEARING MEETING: THURSDAY, MARCH 12, 2015 4:30 p.m NOTICE OF HEARING ZONING BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT Notice is hereby given that the following has been appealed from the action of the City Manager in refusing to grant the following zoning permits: ITEM 1: Application # 10219 by City of Bluefield to erect 5 foot high chain link fence to enclose the vacant lot and replace existing fence.. (Zoning: R-2) Fence to be used for fence enclosure for dog park, on property located at vacant lot (playground area) between East River, Rockbridge Street, Wythe Avenue, and Shenandoah Avenue, Lot 8-13, 25-30 and Lot 14, Section No.842 or County Map 39, Parcel No. 24, 14. REASON FOR REFUSAL: Section 23-36 Accessory uses in residential areas. (a) Fences or enclosure walls. (1) A fence or enclosure wall shall not exceed a height of three (3) feet when located along the front lot line or when located on any side line, from the front lot line to the setback line. All wire fences are prohibited along front and side lines, except by approval of the zoning board of adjustments. (3) A fence or enclosure wall along a street, whether side or rear, shall not exceed three (3) feet in height. A public hearing will be held in the Board of Directors Room, the New Municipal Complex at 200 Rogers Street, Bluefield, West Virginia on Thursday, March 12 at 4:30 pm. If you have questions, you may contact me at 304-327-2443. If you wish to either support or file an objection to the application, you may do so in writing prior to the public hearing or you may appear at the meeting. Bobbi Kersey, City Clerk