notice of emergency interim rate increase

Public service commission of West Virginia Charleston
CASE NO. 15-0046-PWD-19A
PAW PAW ROUTE 19 PUBLIC SERVICE DISTRICT, a public utility, Morgantown, Monongalia County. rule 19A application to increase water rates and charges.
On January 20,2015, Paw Paw Route 19 Public Service District (District) filed an application requesting a water rate increase. To qualify for the optional rate procedure for small utilities established by rule 8.2 (Old Rule 19-A) of the Public Service Commission Rules for the construction and filing of Tariffs (Tariff Rules), 150 C.S.R.2, the annual gross revenue of the utility must not exceed 1,000,000.
On the recommendation of commission Staff, the Commission approved an emergency interim rate increase of 8.67 percent for the District effective for bills rendered on and after (date the ordered issues). The specific rates approved are as follows:
RATES (customers with metered water supply)
First 2,000 gallons used per month; $14.36 per 1,000gallons
Next 3,000gallons used per month; $13.91 per 1,000 gallons
Next 5,000 gallons used per month; $12.70 per 1,000 gallons
Next 10,000 gallons used per month; $10.89 per 1,000 gallons
All Over 20,000 gallons used per month; $10.19 per 1,000 gallon
No bill will be rendered for less than the following amounts according to the size of meter installed:
5/8 inch meter; $28.72 per month
1 inch meter; $71.80 per month
1-1/4 inch meter; $104.83 per month
1-1/2 inch meter; $143.60 per month
2 inch meter; $229.76 per month
3 inch meter; $459.52 per month
4 inch meter; $718.00 per month
6 inch meter; $1,436.00 per month
This emergency interim rate increase is applicable to all customers of the District. The emergency interim rates are subject to refund if not justified by an ongoing Staff audit and final decision at the district’s office.
These rates are interim rates only and may be increased, decreased or left unchanged at the conclusion of this rate case. During the course of this proceeding the Staff of the commission will recommend final rates for use by the District, Those rates will be published at a later date and may be protested at that time.
Times West Virginia
March 11,2015