Marshall, Ohio

Public Notice

Announcing the ACCEPTANCE OF COMPETITIVE BIDS by the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources for the right and privilege to lease and produce the following oil and gas resources owned by the State of West Virginia:
Oil and Gas
177.241 acres (6 tracts), more or less
Part of Castlemans Run Lake Wildlife
Management Area
Buffalo District, Brooke County, West Virginia
Liberty District, Ohio County, West Virginia
All bids must be received by 4:00 pm on Monday, February 6, 2023, at the following:
West Virginia Division of Natural Resources
Office of Land
and Streams
324 Fourth Avenue,
Room 200
South Charleston,
West Virginia 25303
Interested parties may acquire the bid prospectus electronically at
or by written request to the above. The bid prospectus contains a description of the property available for production, the minimum bid requirements, the bid opening date and the requirements for an oil and gas producer.
Int. Jan 20, 27, 2023