Public Notice


The Elklick PL Sale is located within Pocahontas County, 25 miles north of Bartow WV, in the Headwaters ofElklick Run. The Forest Service will receive sealed bids by mail or courier service only. Bid results will be publicly posted on the Monongahela National Forest Timber website as soon as practical after bid opening. Mail bids to Forest Supervisor’s Office at 2:00 PM local time on 06/03/2021 for an estimated volume of 1949 CCF of Black Cherry sawtimber, 974 CCF of Maple(RM, SM) sawtimber, 390 CCF of Hardwood – Other (Bi, BE, Bass, Cuc, Mag) sawtimber, and 631 CCF ofPulpwood marked or otherwise designated for cutting. Sale contains specified roads with an estimated public works construction cost of $138,329.87. Bidders qualifying as small business concerns under the Small Business Act may, when submitting a bid, elect for the Forest Service to build permanent roads. Additional information concerning this option is in the prospectus. The Forest Service reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Interested parties may obtain a prospectus from the office listed below. A prospectus, bid form, and complete information concerning the timber, the conditions of sale, and submission of bids is available to the public from the Forest Supervisor’s Office, Greenbrier Ranger District, or found on the Monongahela National Forest website at: https://www.fs.usda.gov/mnf. The USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.