Public Notice


In accordance with City of Parkersburg codified ordinance article 1331.05 as amended effective July 23, 1997, the following zoning permits have been approved. The public may appeal to the Board of Zoning Appeals any zoning permit which has been issued within twenty-one (21) days of this publication.

1507 St. Mary’s Avenue, Jerry Helmick, 6*12 porch and sidewalk, B-2

602 Hillcrest Terrace, William J. Anderson, 16*8 roof over existing deck, R3A

1845 7th Street, IBEW #968, Zoning and Business license, B-2

1814 Market Street, David Herbin, 6 foot vinyl privacy fence, R-3

2409 23rd Street, Nina Wilson, 30*24 Detached Garage, R-2

1502 Washington Avenue, Jane Anderson, White Vinyl fence, RH

2011 10th Avenue, Unit B, Pike Street Cleaning & Supply Inc., New Business, B-1 and B-2 Split Lot

1210 Pike Street, John E. Perkins, 18*21 Carport, R-3

2303 Murdoch Avenue, Jeremy Lane, Air Quality Solutions, 2 storage buildings and move fence, B-2

1701 Nash Street, Richard Givens, 30*41 Garage, R-1

1005 Pike Street, Nancy Miller, 6′ Privacy fence, R-3

3001 Dudley Avenue, Zoning Verfication Letter for Dollar General, B-2

1324 Oak Street, Theresa Clegg, 12*10 Deck on the rear, with roof, R-3

1226 16th Street, Pasi & Bonnie Sikio, 6′ fence, R-2

404 Market Street, United Way Alliance of the MOV, relocating from 935 Market, B-3

4418 ½ 15th Avenue, Michael E. Stewart, Deck 8*18 with roof, R-3

2211 Pike Street, Walgreens, Zoning Verification Letter in a B-2 District

2015 18th Avenue, Lisa Coleman, 12*14 Screened in porch, R-2

2511 Oak Street, Randy Roberts,4′ fence made of wire and 4×4’s , R-3

4016 10th Avenue, Dave Pasadyn, 6′ fence along side of property, R-3

1000 E. Dupont Rd, Dollar General, Zoning Verification Letter, B-2

3201 Elm Street, Matt Leach, 12*16 Storage Building, R-2

1622 7th Street, Becca Lynns Place LLC, Change in name of business only, B-2

2212 Pike Street, Becca Lynns Place LLC, Change in name of business only, B-2

3307 6th Avenue, Heather VanWay, 10*12 storage shed, R-4

1609 15th Avenue, Dave Williams, 6′ privacy fence, R-3

1723 Oak Street, Robin Caplinger, 6′ privacy fence, R-3

2201 24th Avenue, Durwin Holpp, 35*24 Storage Building, R-2

2506 ½ Pike St, Total Beauty by Josie, Josie Vincent, Booth rental, B-2

2211 Pike St, Walgreens, New business, B-2

May 5