Public Notice


1126 Swann Street

On the 1st day of Februaryl 2021, the Building Enforcement Agency for the City of Parkersburg held a public hearing (Municipal Building – Mayor’s Conference Room) to discuss the code violations on above listed properties. Please take notice that upon review, the City’s Building Enforcement Agency has made a final determination that the above properties are unsafe, unsanitary, dangerous or detrimental to the public safety or welfare, as more particularly defined by West Virginia Code 8-12-16 and the Notice of Violations on file with the Code Enforcement Division of the City of Parkersburg. If the structure(s) is not repaired or demolished by the 13th day of June, 2021, then the above listed properties will be demolished by the City of Parkersburg, and a lien/suit will be filed against the property owner for the cost of demolition.

Be advised that the owner may apply to the Circuit Court of Wood County, if good cause be shown, for a preliminary injunction or other similar relief restraining correction or demolition by the Building Enforcement Agency absent an agreement of the Agency to stay such action, based on a good faith plan of action being submitted to the Agency to remediate the unsafe, unsanitary, dangerous or detrimental conditions.

Below is a list of the code violations for each respective property. A full description of said violations are available for review in the Office of the City of Parkersburg’s Code Enforcement Division the City’s Code Enforcement Division (One Government Square, Parkersburg, WV 26101 – Municipal Building – 4th FL).

* 302.1 Sanitation
* 302.4 Weeds
* 304.1 General
* 304.2 Protective treatment
* 304.6 Exterior walls
* 304.9 Overhang extensions
* 304.13 Window, skylight, and door frames
* 304.11 Chimney and towers
* 304.15 Doors
* 305.3 Interior surfaces
* 304.5 Stairs and walking surfaces
* 308.1 Accumulation of rubbish or garbage
* 604.1 Facilities required
* 107.6 Transfer of ownership
* 111.1 Application for appeal

If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact Tammy Bunner at 304-424-8519 or email tammy.bunner@parkersburgwv,gov

May 14, 21